About Me







I’m a writer living in New York City.

My main focus is on writing YA books, usually with a cast of LGBTQ+ characters and themes. When I’m not writing, you can most likely find me procrastinating on Twitter.

I also spend a lot of time reading. Often while on the subway, or waking down the middle of a busy sidewalk.

If you see me in person, you’re probably going to want to comment on how tall I am. It’s okay. I get that a lot.

Other creative interests from the past, include:

  • Telling stories on podcasts and at various venues in New York City, including The Moth–where I’m a StorySLAM winner.
  • Having multiple essays featured on The Huffington Post, and being published in New York Press. 
  • Performing improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade.
  • Writing plays and having them performed in the MN Fringe Festival. (Yes, I grew up in Minnesota. Yes, I still have the accent to prove it.)